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Lydia Aiken

Teo Bailey

Darius Barnum

Baylee Bowers

Aly Brown

Axel Castro

Ashley Carter

Benton Doster

Jackson Ellerbee

Kendall Garrett

Grace An George

Amarie Gill

Caroline Hart

John Hart

Brelan Holston

Callie Houck

J. Paul Ivey

Sydney Jerman

Landon Johnson

Brody Lindsey

Jacob Maddox

Walker May

Keon McGhee

Clair McNulty

Jackson Music

Andre Payne

Russell Pope

Spring Rawl

Jason Rockmore

Grace Short

Alana Thorpe

Terence Thorpe

Head Coaches

Mark Whitley

Mark Whitley was born and raised in Monroe, Georgia. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1985 and has been in education for 34 years. Mark joined George Walton Academy in the summer of 2017. He serves as Athletic Director, Head track coach, and assistant football coach.


Assistant Coaches-

Kelley Bradley


Tim Lalaian


Larry Satchwell


John Welsch





Angus Bateman

Michael Chick

Sulley Croker

Katalina Flores

Kilissa Gasaway

Andy Jacoby

Avery Jesel

Luke Kirk

David Lalaian

Graham Lucas

Emmie Mitchell

Abel Moreno

Emily Music

Joey Rockmore

Alec Spoon

Andrew Staples

Perry Jack Stone

Cooper Treadaway

Connor Whaley

Dominick Williams

Cheer on the Bulldogs!

Team schedules are provided in several formats: calendar, list, and printable at-a-glance.

December 2018
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

*Please note that printable schedules below are always subject to change. Double check with "live" calendars above for any last minute changes.*

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