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For years,  I have been a swim parent!  I knew that participating on a swim team gave my children many advantages, here are just a few.

Improving their social well-being.  Swimmers of all ages can take classes together and train together.  Studies reveal exercising and socializing together leads to improve mental health.  In our demanding world, students need outlets to lower anxiety and depression.

Swimmers become goal-oriented.  Whether it is kicking a kickboard across the pool, improving lap time, or perfecting a stroke, setting goals and trying to achieve them are life skills. 

Swimming burns more calories than jogging.  We need that in today’s electronic society.

Swimming teaches team building. Team-building skills encourage collaboration, goal orientation, inspiration, strategy development, and coordination, which all result in successful careers and professional relationships.

These are just a few of the many reasons why swimming is the BEST sport.  However, I never knew coaching swim could be so rewarding until I experienced it for myself.  As a coach, I see the unexperienced swimmer become stronger and more confident, the experienced swimmer share their knowledge and encouragement to team members and school acquaintances become a TEAM.  As a coach, I push myself to communicate clearly and set standards that promote hard work and reward.  Coaching gives me the opportunity to give back to my students and parents, not to mention the fun and rewarding time we share together. 

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