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Basketball is number one in the United States as far as participation of youth ages 6-17 for both boys and girls as well as overall participation. The game of basketball provides opportunities for lifelong lessons. It is a great sport for both players and spectators with it's fast pace, athleticism and close competition.

Middle School Champions
Lori Hines 300th career win


Boys Roster

Logan Blalock

Damaris Winters

Kennedy Johnson

Reese Gelsthorpe

Peyton Collin

Will Herren

Seth White

Chase Jocelyn

Nate Lovett

Tristen Hhill

MJ Marable

Ethan Richards

Noah Hicks

Nathan Purvis

Nick Johnson

Mason Mathis


Peyton Collin

MJ Marable

Evan Newsom

Caden Harvey

Tristen Hill

Nate Lovett

Ashton Grossman

Josh Manayala

Mason Mathis

Kyle Kilgore

Adrian Campbell

Aidan Chatham

Alex Martin

Matthew Turner



Head Coach - Matt Reynolds

Assistant Coach - Mike Elmankabady

Manager - Maddy Marable


Girls Roster

Emily Music             

Kierstin Henderson                

Hannah McDonel                  

Caroline Conner                

Emmie Mitchell       

Madison Marable              

Allie Marler            

Catherine Atkinson 

Payton Stone  

Leila Mathis

Ashley Hill          

Demere Gray






Head Coach - Lori Hines

Assistant Coach - Grace Martin



Middle School

Girls Roster

Annalise Digby

Audrey Powell

Kirby Lynn Atkinson

Khyler Hannay

Madison Sieg

Libby Root

Gisele Sorrow

Kendall Woodbury

Kaylee Smith

Landry Atkinson

Manager- Ella Minicozzi


Head Coach - Grace Martin

Assistant Coach - Lamonique Pierre










Boys Roster

Henry Bailey

William Ferguson

Zack Wolf

Cole Peppers

Harrison McCarthy

Denver Mercer

Jagger Walton

Marcus Porter

AJ Dillard

Morgan Inman

Michael Gyorgyi

Reid Shelton

Adrian Thomas

Kaleb Chasse

Collin Mercer

Nate Colon

Emmett Kirkpatrick

Hudson Pittman



Kyle Gelsthorpe



Cheer on the Bulldogs!



Protocols for MS/HS

Basketball Games



*Please note that printable schedules below are always subject to change. Double check with "live" calendars above for any last minute changes.*

At-A-Glance" Varsity Basketball Printable Schedule




Dawgs Unleashed