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Extensive Program Supports

The PARC’s Extensive Program is a fee-based program for those students who have diagnosed learning differences and may need more support than the school-wide supports that are offered.

The Extensive Program provides support to students with a current psychoeducational evaluation that shows diagnosed learning differences. The goal of this program is to create successful, independent learners by providing individualized support for each student enrolled in the Extensive Program. While these supports do not always include time for homework completion, they are tailored to the specific learning needs that are outlined in each student's psychological evaluation, in order to place the student in their ideal learning environment. The Extensive Program provides both classroom and testing accommodations to make the learning more accessible to our students with learning differences. 

PARC Coaches and Staff

Julie Howard

Lower School PARC Coach


Jackie Vadney

Lower School PARC Coach

Lisa Garrett

LS Testing Coordinator

Jere Lin Hutter

Middle School PARC Coach

Angie McElveen

Middle School PARC Coach

Bethany Hanks

MS/US Testing Coordinator


Tonya Coe

Upper School PARC Coach

Angela Williams

Upper School PARC Coach


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