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Explore, Create and Pursue Your Passions

Whether on the stage or in the studio, George Walton Academy values, cultivates and encourages each student’s unique creative abilities and interests.

Our Award-Winning Programs

With a strong belief in every child’s innate desire to explore, imagine, design and construct as a means to understand the world, GWA positions the arts as an integral part of every student’s education. Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in our nationally acclaimed and internationally recognized performing and visual arts programs. Art and music education begin as early as K3, and as students grow and progress, so do opportunities within our programs.

We offer art classes during the school day as well as enrichment opportunities after school in the form of co-curricular activities and student clubs.

Advanced Placement classes are available in both music and the visual arts. All of our students learn from teachers who are accomplished artists and musicians themselves. Classes at GWA focus not only on the practice of a particular medium but also foster an appreciation for the culture and history of art and music.








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