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Since its inception in 1997, the GWA Marching Bulldog Band has always strived to perform at the highest levels of excellence and innovation for today’s marching bands. Our students have had the opportunity in recent years to represent our school at several venues throughout the southeast and have been honored to walk away with many great performances and recognition.

Over a short period of time, the Marching Bulldog Band has grown from 20 to 85 members. The band fields students from seventh-12th grade and competes in multiple competitions each year during the fall. Students work diligently three days a week from August to November to put together a performance that highlights our philosophy of leadership, intense effort, character building, and teamwork. GWA works year-round on training our student leadership and we design a retreat every summer to help train the new team for each year. Our student leadership is very involved in every aspect of the band program and we expect a lot from them. We feel that they also get a lot in return for their efforts and sacrifices.

2023 GWA Marching Bulldog Band

Drum Major
Nicole Volk



Hayden Byers 

Nolan Gray 

Constance Trinh



Maddie Garrett 

Carrie Ann Plyler 

Bailey Williamson 

Nate Simon
Nick Schultz


Blakeney Sewell 

Wendy Menard 

Leila Hajrizi 

Addie Hayes 

Amelia Brady



Kade Franklin 

Jack Boyle 

London Clark 

Roen Jiminez



Gibson Brady 

Cole Woodson

Michael Mealor 

Isaac Osei
John Terpstra 

Braxton Perkins



Dustin Trinh 

Cale Fuller 

Kam Atkins

Jackson Wimberly 

Matthew Shackelford 

Layli Gharavi 

Harrison McClellan 

London Lewis
Jeremy Swarner 

Jack O'Shanic 

Landon Spencer


Ella Smith 

Lucy Pulliam 

Anna Fuller 

Lauren Exline 

Alaska Atkins 

Brook Wilkes
Hayden Johnson 

Emma Wasserman

Summer Camps