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Finding the Right Fit for Every Student

Deciding which college to attend is one of the most exciting and difficult decisions our seniors face each year. Our college counseling office is available to guide students through this often perplexing process. From parent and student meetings starting in ninth grade to individualized sessions with juniors and seniors, college counseling at GWA empowers our high school students to be proactive in their college search. George Walton Academy holds accreditations from AdvancED (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools,) the Southern Association of Independent Schools, and the Georgia Accrediting Commission. 

College Profile


A comprehensive school profile ensures that all stakeholders, including colleges, have access to important information that supports secondary school students in the college admission process. It provides context on the Academy's history and culture, curriculum, grading system, standardized testing and GPA statistics, as well as recent college acceptances and matriculation.



Our students have access to a variety of resources and tools to help them prepare for the college admissions process.

GWA offers Advanced Placement classes in every major subject area as well as art, music and computer science. Qualifying students may elect to take some AP courses as early as 10th grade. AP classes are typically small with an average class size of 9.7 students.

Students who choose to take an AP course must sit for the AP exam and/or turn in a portfolio of work, as required by the course, at the end of the spring semester. GWA students' AP exam scores consistently rank above state and national averages. 

In addition to our distinguished AP program, George Walton Academy is pleased to partner with Truett-McConnell University to offer students the opportunity to earn college credit on our campus through Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program.

GWA teachers serve as TMU adjunct instructors in the subject areas of Spanish, and English.  This program allows qualified upper school students to maximize their education by taking courses that earn college and upper school credit simultaneously, without having to leave our campus or take an online course.  

For information, please contact Laura Nabors at


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Click here to access a library of interesting college admissions-related articles and links to university blogs. . 

For a list of local, state, and national scholarship opportunities, please contact Laura Nabors at



With instant access to more than 700 colleges and universities around the world, the Common App is the most seamless way to manage the application process.

This web-based program helps our upper school students more clearly identify their natural strengths and interests as they consider potential career and academic paths. Students get personalized matching to strong career fits, in-depth information on each career. Students will use these results to determine potential majors that will help them find the best-fit colleges.

Internships are available for juniors are seniors during GWA's Winter Term. This is a great resume builder to give students real-world experience outside of the classroom. Through partnerships in our local community, as well as the Atlanta and Athens areas, our three-week internship program develops students' skill sets and provides an opportunity to explore their interests. Please contact Mr. Reynolds at for further information. 



We host several events throughout the year, both on and off campus, to help inform our students of their college and career choices. University Recruiters, please contact Jon Terrell at

Each year the GWA campus hosts a number of admissions representatives from colleges and universities around the country. These representatives hold informal meetings for our upper school students in the Commons and cafeteria throughout the fall and early spring, providing an opportunity for students to ask questions, check on application requirements and get to know these colleges a little better. Upper school freshmen through seniors are encouraged to engage and practice their conversational skills while learning about opportunities and programs at the collegiate level. College representatives, please email Jon Terrell at or go to RepVisits to schedule a visit.

Our students are as unique as the colleges to which they apply, and this fact makes the campus visit an integral part of their college decisions.

Every spring our college counseling office coordinates a series of college tours to take GWA freshmen, sophomores and juniors to visit potential college and university choices. While on tour, students enjoy lunch in the dining halls, walk and talk with current college students, and chat with admissions staff.


GWA high school students will have the opportunity to take advantage of multiple local college fairs. Probe College hosted by the Walton County Chamber of Commerce in the fall and the NACAC College Fair in the spring. 

Jon Terrell

Director of College Counseling

Laura Nabors

Director of Academic Planning

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Summer College Tour

The college counseling department led 23 students across four states to visit a total of 13 public and private schools, including Auburn, UAB, Ole Miss, LSU, Samford, Tulane, Loyola, Alabama, and Mississippi State. This tour gave students an opportunity to closely compare schools and learn about majors and unique programs that they may have never considered. These students are well-equipped to begin the college application process and find their perfect fit.

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