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Student Council

The role of the George Walton Academy Student Council is to promote the interests of the school and encourage the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in cooperation with the board, parents, and teachers.  Student council seeks to build responsible leaders within our school community and to promote interest in school-wide activities.  In order to run for a position on student council, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Students must have received and returned a contract for the next academic school year.

  • Students must obtain an overall B average.

  • Students must be in good standing with all faculty members. 

  • All financial obligations to George Walton Academy must be current.

2020 - 2021 Student Council Leadership


Executive Council

President:  Claire McNulty

Vice President:  Julie Cato

Secretary:  Jennifer Allahverdieva

Treasurer:  Abby Stone

Representatives:  Andrew Staples, Noah Hicks, Natalia Chapar, Matthew Lazenby

Senior Council

President:  DoriLord McCullers

Vice President:  Natalie Lucas

Secretary:  Julia Waldo

Treasurer:  Mallory Carson

Representatives:  Max Misterka, Christian Hansen

Junior Council

President:  Will Herren

Vice President:  Camille Malcom

Secretary:  Graham Lucas

Treasurer:  Cooper Treadaway

Representatives:  Amelia Dolvin, Dominic Williams, Emmie Mitchell, Avery Jesel, Reagan May, Ella Rowan

Sophomore Council

President:  Matthew Herren

Vice President:  Abby Mack

Secretary:  Mia Smith

Treasurer:  Sara Bryan

Representatives:  Graham Hill, Trey Kirkpatrick, Keith Mims, Parks Harris,

Morgan Green, Reed Lawrence

Freshman Council

President:  Peyton Collin

Vice President:  Catherine Atkinson

Secretary:  Maddie Taylor

Treasurer:  Sarah Digby

Representatives:  Payton Stone, Charlie Jesel, Kendall Inman

Open House