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French Club

The main purpose of the GWA French Club is to cultivate individual interest in the French culture through different aspects of media and daily life. Students will participate in activities such as baking, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and more. Members will become more familiar with France itself while also enhancing their understanding of what living in a French-speaking country is like. Each activity chosen by the members will promote these goals and encourage students to engage in this unique and captivating society. 

Open to all currently enrolled students in middle and high school, any student with a desire to learn about the French culture is eligible to join. Students who do not take French class (as well as those who do) are welcome. 

If you enjoy learning about France and would like to heighten your understanding of its culture, then the GWA French Club is the place for you! 

Club Activities


Listening to music 

Playing games 

Watching movies

Leadership   (To learn more or express interest, contact a member of the leadership team)

President/Founder: Claire Volk 

Supervisor: Mrs. Cecile Gervais 

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