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The PARC is a student-centered program dedicated to promoting academic success among all students.

The PARC was designed to extend educational and support services to K4 – twelfth grade students. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to develop to their academic potential. Whether a student wants to improve a class grade or has an educational evaluation with accommodations, the PARC is here to support every learner. The goal of the PARC is to equip all students with the learning strategies and skills necessary to be successful, continuous learners. The PARC utilizes a three-branch program:

This multi-support program is designed to support all levels of learners.

•    Academic advisors will be responsible for monitoring their advisees’ progression. Students falling below a C (73 or lower) in any academic course are encouraged to attend tutoring provided by the teacher of that subject.

•    Students will have the opportunity to receive support during their study halls. Peer tutors and teachers will be available in the PARC.

•    All classroom teachers are available to students for reinforcement afterschool Monday - Thursday. The sessions may be set up on an individual basis.

The Private Tutorial Program provides individual assistance for any student experiencing academic difficulty. This fee-based program is designed to help students improve study skills and/or content areas. During study hall, a student may meet with a tutor in the PARC. An outside tutor must be school approved.

•    This program is designed to offer additional support and is not intended to replace extra help offered by the students’ academic teachers.

•    All participating tutors must be arranged, approved and monitored by the PARC. Parents interested in the tutorial program should contact Lynn Robinson.



The Extensive Program provides support to new and returning students with diagnosed learning differences. Students who need additional academic support may be referred to the PARC. A collaborative review of the student’s progress and recommendations in the educational evaluation will determine if the Extensive Program will best serve the student. The PARC Director and academic coaches will prepare a Student Success Plan each year for qualifying students. The PARC Director works closely with the students’ teachers to implement and manage accommodations necessary for every student in the program. Educational evaluations for students in this program must be updated every three-to-five years based on the learning difference. Students enrolled in the Extensive Program are assigned to a full-time academic coach. Enrollment is limited.

The Extensive Program provides:

• Support to students with current educational evaluations.

• Academic tutoring embedded with learning strategies and test-taking skills

• Management of student’s accommodations

• Review of educational evaluations for parents and teachers.

• Communication with classroom teachers and coordination of updates on students’ progress.








“Student Success is Our Goal.”

Jordan Greene

Director of the PARC


Julie Howard

Associate Director of the PARC



Bethany Hanks

Middle/Upper School Testing and Private Tutoring Coordinator

Lisa Garrett

Lower School Testing






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