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Kelsey Barrineau

Taryn Shelnutt

Marlee Stanley

Victoria Williams

Annabelle Jerman

Torie Johnson

Savannah McBee

Madison Smith

Marnie Couch

CC Veal

Caroline Conner

Hannah McDonel

Taylor Tinsley




Head Coach

Katherine Meeks 

Coach Bio

Assistant Coach

Todd Shelnutt

Coach Bio



Aryn Gravitt

Della Couch

Demere Gray

Emma Deaton

Emma Floyd

Hayden Stancil

Leila Mathis

Lillie Barrientos

Riley Wilson

Sydney Colson

Taylor Jesel






Head Coach



Tara Walker

Coach Walker graduated from the University of Georgia in 2016 with a BS in Biology. She came on board in 2017 at GWA. Currently, she teaches middle school sciences and coaches middle school softball. 

Cheer on the Bulldogs!

Team schedules are provided in several formats: calendar, list, and printable at-a-glance.

June 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

*Please note that printable schedules below are always subject to change. Double check with "live" calendars above for any last minute changes.*