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Youth football registration is officially open. It will close on Tuesday, April 21th. Please use the google doc link below to register your player, this should only take a couple minutes. Use the link under the grade that your student will be in this Fall. For example, if your child is in 2nd grade, then you'll use the upcoming 3rd - 4th grade (tackle) link.

We will not be collecting registration payment at this time. Our goal for this online registration is to get you linked with a coach so we can start communication about this fall and get your jersey ordered. If you have a used jersey that you no longer have use for or know someone that may want to donate their jersey, helmet or pads then please contact Grace Martin ( 


Please contact Grace Martin you are interested in helping coach a flag team.


Upcoming K5-2nd (Flag)



Upcoming 3rd-4th (Tackle)



Upcoming 5th-6th (Tackle)



Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Grace Martin





Michael Dagenhart 1

Alex Sykes 2 

Patrick Morris 3

Jake Whitten 4

Wesley Long 5

Colby Bell 6

Trae Adkins 7

Cade Fortunat 8

Ben Ellerbee 9

Thomas Jones 10

Jackson Ellerbee 11

Bryson Williams 12

Laythan Folgman 14

Tommy King 15

Will Bailey 16

Lawson Steele 17

Chase Jocelyn 18

Braylee Malcom 19

Solomon Jones 20

Chris Sperin 21

Beau Mitchell 23

Harley Durden 24

Landon Barber 25

PJ Stone 28

Carter Payne 29

Calan Fortunat 33

Dominic Williams 37

Andrew Staples 45

Brady Gray 47

David Lalaian 50

Dylan Shusterman 52

Nikolai Adams 55

Brooks Martin 56

Austin Cole 59

Logan Thornton 60

Mason Lee 61

Brayden Sorrow 62

Jake Moore 65

Jack Boyer 66

Langston Jones 71

Axel Castro 72

Benton Doster 77

Landen Johnson 79

Joey Rockmore 80

Matthew Kodrowski 88

Head Coach

Shane Davis

Assistant Coaches

BR Bowers

Clay Harris

Derek Hill

Matt Reynolds

Mark Whitley

Cody Brown

Chandler Gray

Don Williams

Middle School




Mason Townsend

Aidan Chatham

Christian Garrett

Thornton Hester

Kyle Kilgore

Aidan Townsend

Josh Woodard

Kameron Atkins

Logan Blalock

Tristen Hill

Luke Kirk

Baylor Lingner

MJ Marable

Mason Mathis

Mason Maughon

Wesley Smith

Blake Woodring


Justin Sperin

Steve Young

Jerry Cantrell



5th/ 6th Grade Football 

AJ Dillard

Ayden Tabone

Ben Allen

Branson Blalock

Chap Chapman

Cole Peppers

Cortavious Scott

Denver Mercer

Emmett Kirkpatrick

Grant Spires

Hudson Pittman

Jaxson Cohran

JT Doster

Kaleb Chasse

Landon Pruett

Liam Gravitt

Mac Maughon

Marcus Porter

Morgan Inman

Myles Gregory

Roland Crutchfield

Samson Dobbs

Sebastian Boswell

Tre Robinson

Ty Burce

Williams Ferguson

Wyatt Akin

Zach Wolf

Zy Burce


3rd/4th Grade Youth Football

Coach- Nick Knapp

Abram Powell

Alex Chesnut

Caleb Eubank

Carter Rivers

Cash Chapman

Chandler Briscoe

Colton Stancil

Ethan Knapp

Hayden Hines

Kasen Keller

Knox Page

Mac Ferguson

Mark Henderson

Noah Lee

Tripp Cornelius 

Wyatt Vaughn



Flag Team 1 - Coach James Hester

Jack Bryant

Haeden Chandler

Cruz Chapman

Maddox Cohen

Brennan Lemonds

Abbott Hester

Gunner Knapp

Christopher Mumford

Max Rivers



Flag Team 2 - Coach JJ Otts

Joey Bouler

Logan Coffey

Noah Conner

Major Elam

Zach Litteral

Timothy Mathis

Hess McMichael

Jake Otts

Granton Weaver



Flag Team 3 - Coach Ben Yeater

Gray Atkinson

Tyrese Dillard

Cooper Floyd

Jackson Floyd

Haney Lussi

Jaxon Mathison

Dallin Peck

Amos Smith

Benton Yeater

Hagon Yeater





Cheer on the Bulldogs!


*Please note that printable schedules below are always subject to change. Double check with "live" calendars above for any last minute changes.*