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Financial Aid

Making Your Investment Possible 

Paying for a private school education is one of the largest financial investments a family will make. Because we strongly believe the educational experience a student receives at George Walton Academy is worth that investment, our intent is to make it accessible and affordable to all accepted students.

Qualifying for Financial Aid

There’s no specific income that automatically qualifies a family to receive need-based financial aid at GWA, as income is only one factor under consideration during the financial aid process. Other factors include (but are not limited to) family size, number of children and family assets.

With the philosophy that every family should be prepared to contribute financially to their child’s tuition, George Walton Academy offers financial assistance through the programs listed below. 

Types of Financial Aid


George Walton Academy offers financial aid to qualifying families through two programs:

Available to students who are new to GWA and were previously enrolled in a Georgia public school, the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program provides tuition scholarship awards on the basis of financial need. When applying to a participating school for receipt of a GOAL scholarship, families must provide proof of eligibility. For more information visit the eligibility page on the Georgia GOAL website.

FAST assistance is available to current and new GWA students. FAST is an advisory company that provides a need-based financial aid analysis, including a recommendation of the amount that each family can reasonably contribute toward tuition. The distribution of FAST awards is based on student need, academic and non-financial contributions of the student and his or her family, and the availability of space and funding.


For more information on the financial aid application process at GWA, please contact our Director of Admissions Cari Bailey.