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College Counseling

Finding the Right Fit for Every Student

Deciding which college to attend is one of the most exciting and difficult decisions our seniors face each year. Our college counseling office is available to guide students through this often perplexing process. From parent and student meetings starting in ninth grade to individualized sessions with juniors and seniors, college counseling at GWA empowers our high school students to be proactive in their college search.

For a better idea of where our seniors head after graduation, take a look at our Class of 2017 college acceptances and matriculations.


Our students have access to a variety of resources and tools to help them prepare for the college admissions process.

Each year the GWA campus hosts a number of admissions representatives from colleges and universities around the country. These representatives hold informal meetings for our high school students in the upper school media center throughout the fall and early spring, providing an opportunity for students to ask questions, check on application requirements and get to know these colleges a little better.

George Walton Academy is pleased to offer dual enrollment options through Georgia’s Move On When Ready program. This program allows qualified high school students to maximize their education and career training by taking courses that earn college and high school credit at the same time.

Internships are new this year for GWA juniors and seniors. Through partnerships in our community and the surrounding area, our internship program aims to give students an opportunity to gain work experience, explore their interests and build real-world skillsets.

Naviance is a software package available to our counselors and students that provides college research and matching tools, course planning options, scholarship sources, and alumni college updates. GWA utilizes Naviance as a college and career readiness solution that helps align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, ultimately improving student outcomes.

This web-based program helps our juniors more clearly identify their natural strengths and interests as they consider potential career and academic paths. Students get personalized matching to strong career fits, in-depth information on each career, comprehensive insights on how natural abilities are projected to affect work life and performance, and customized language designed to help students self-advocate in both college and career.


We host several events throughout the year, both on and off campus, to help inform our students of their college and career choices.

Our students are as unique as the colleges to which they apply, and this fact makes the campus visit an integral part of their college decisions.

Every spring our college counseling office coordinates a series of college tours to take GWA freshmen, sophomores and juniors to visit potential college and university choices. While on tour, students enjoy lunch at the dining halls, walk and talk with current college students, and chat with admissions staff.

Our college tours in March 2017 included Berry College, Mercer University, the University of North Georgia and Georgia Southern University. Future tours will include both in-state and out-of-state destinations.

This series provides our students with an informal setting to explore possible areas of study in college, career and beyond. Members of the community visit campus to share lunch, advice and insights into their chosen professions with small groups of our students.

Geared toward GWA parents, each lunch session focuses on a relevant aspect of the college admissions process and will help parents stay informed throughout their student’s college application journey.

Michael Clancy

Director of College Counseling















“It was really nice to go ahead and get a head start on seeing what college would be like and what colleges expect from you, especially for students going into their sophomore and junior years. It was an amazing opportunity.”

Melissa Gish,

GWA ninth grader, commenting on the 2017 college tours.