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PARC Accommodations

Accommodations/Evaluation Policies 

Attaining Accommodations 

  • In order for a student to receive educational accommodations, he or she must have an official diagnosis from a Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist. 
  • Parents may seek this evaluation through a private licensed psychologist or through the Walton Board of Education.
  • A copy of your child’s evaluation must be summitted to the PARC Director.  
  • If you feel accommodations would benefit your child, please contact the Director of the PARC Doretta Power.

Eligibility for Accommodations 

  • A current psycho-educational evaluation verifying the need for accommodations must be authorized by the Director of the PARC
  • The evaluation must be current (ADHD/3yrs, LD/5yrs) 
  • Students treated for ADHD or Anxiety by a physician without a comprehensive evaluation will have access only to testing center without accommodations. A physician's note will need to be updated annually.
  • A 504 plan and/or I.E.P. are not used in lieu of a comprehensive psychological educational evaluation.

Procedures for Accommodations 

  • Once a student is eligible, a written Student Success Plan (SSP) is prepared by the Director and the Academic Coaches. 
  • This plan will be shared with parents and once agreed upon will serve as a guide for implementation of accommodations. 
  • Academic coaches and classroom teachers will work together to provide accommodations to meet the individual needs of the student. 
  • A copy of the student's psychological educational evaluation should be submitted to the Director of the PARC Doretta Power. Evaluations are handled with the utmost confidentiality. 

Evaluation/Evaluation Updates 

  • GWA will facilitate as much as possible when seeking or updating an evaluation.  
  • The PARC will notify the parent when the student’s evaluation is six months from expiration. Once the evaluation expires, students are ineligible for academic coaches or accommodation unless “in-process” evaluation documentation is provided. 
  • When seeking or updating a comprehensive evaluation, whether through Walton County or a private practice, any evaluation process started after May 15, is subject to be completed the following fall. 

** Note: In order to provide unbiased information, it is George Walton Academy’s policy that rating and/or survey scales, such as BRIEF, BASC, etc. will be faxed or mailed only to the evaluator.   


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