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Jaime Jacoby

Max Misterka

Walker May

Collin Shiver

Grant Kirby

Jacob Maddox

Joe Brown

Cam Lewis

Robby McGoldrick

Teo Bailey

Ben Meyerson

Jackson Music

Russell Pope

Elisabeth Meyerson

Claire McNulty

Spring Rawl

Rae Maddox

Sarah Sykes

Eliza Malcom

Caroline Hart

Jolie Lanier

Kayla Ralston



Head Coach

Kelley Bradley 





Coming soon



Cheer on the Bulldogs!

Team schedules are provided in several formats: calendar, list, and printable at-a-glance.

June 2018
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

*Please note that printable schedules below are always subject to change. Double check with "live" calendars above for any last minute changes.*


"At-A-Glance" Varsity Cross Country Printable Schedule

*Coming soon



"At-A-Glance" MS Cross Country Printable Schedule

*Coming soon