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Symphonic Winds is the highest level ensemble on campus at George Walton. The students who are accepted into this group by audition only play a variety of the hardest literature available for this age group. Members of the Symphonic Winds are typically high school with the exceptional eighth grader allowed an opportunity to try out by invitation only. In this ensemble’s brief history, students have had the opportunity to perform at our school’s Veterans Day Assembly, our Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and the students have the chance to participate in the Spring Festival. Trips for Spring festival have included Charleston, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. Symphonic Winds has also been a guest performer at the UGA Middle School Festival in 2003.

The main goals of this ensemble are to continue into the advanced concepts of music making, ensemble performance, music theory and a little music history. For more information about how to be a part of this group, please contact Mr. Smith.


2023 GWA Honors Symphonic Winds

Nicole Volk                   
Alex Garren 

Hayden Byers                   
Nolan Gray 

Constance Trinh

Maddie Garrett                 
Carrie Ann Plyler                 
Jet Hammond  



Michael Mealor

Isaac Osei

Jon Terpstra            


Blakeney Sewell 

Ella Smith 

Wendy Menard 

Leila Hajrizi 

Addie Hayes



Kade Franklin  

Jack Boyle



Gibson Brady

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