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The Junior Bulldog band is primarily our intermediate or middle school level ensemble. The primary teacher for this group is Mr. Smith, but it is a team effort with Ms. Ferris helping out in all facets of this group.

The emphasis in this group is the continued understanding of all fundamental concepts learned in fifth- and sixth-grade band and the introduction to “next level” concepts. These students will have several opportunities to showcase their individual talents and also the chance to work together as a team. We feel that our future is in these intermediate level students, so we work tirelessly to make sure that all ideas and concepts are understood and put into a practical setting for all students. This is also the first opportunity for our students to try out for the District 14 Honor Band, All-State Band and various other honor groups throughout the state of Georgia.

This group meets every day and is maintained with a full curriculum breakdown including a practice record, several class quizzes, and playing tests. This ensemble has three concerts per year including the Christmas concert, the Sweetheart Concert, and Spring Concert. In the spring, members of the Junior Bulldog Band also have the opportunity to try out for the GWA Marching Bulldog Band.

Students are asked to learn the style of marching that we use at GWA and audition for a spot on next season’s roster. For more information contact Mr. Smith about how to be a part of Concert ensemble.

Materials for class:

  • Band Binder
  • Band Book
  • Instrument (in good working condition)
  • Various accessories (Based on the different instruments. I.E. Valve oil, reeds, stick bags with sticks)
  • Pencil Bag (with 2 dedicated band pencils)
  • Great Attitude!

2019-2020 Jr. Bulldog Band

Fellows, Olivia
Foster, Gracie
Franklin, Kade
Fuller, Cale
Garren, Alex
Garrett, Maddie
Gharavi, Layli
Hammond, Jet
Lo, Alexa
Menard, Wendy
Morrow, River
Osei, Isaac
Rogers, Maisen
Smyrl, Katherine
Trinh, Blaise


2018-2019 Jr. Bulldog Band

Bond, Lexi
Boyle, Brady
Boyle, Jack
Byers, Hayden
Chatham, Aidan
Colson, Sydney
Dike, David
Ewing, Landon
Gibson, Leah
Grossman, Ashton
Harkins, Will
Hicks, Ada
Hill, Ashley
Mashburn, Anna
O’Lenick Ty
Schroeder, Austin
Shekarbakht, Moneli
Tanase, Julia
Tate, Amherst


2017-2018 Jr. Bulldog Band

Dolan, Tara
Felton, Ashlyn
Fuller, Wyatt
Gregory, Charlotte
Huene, Barry Kate
Johns, Eris
Mealor, Michael
Mleczko, Nicholas
Sewell, Blakeney
Smith, Ella
Smothers, Jordan
Spoon, Alek
Stout, Jake
Todd, Darrin
Trinh, Dustin
Vidrine, Hank
Volk, Nicole
Whaley, Connor