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Our youngest ensemble, the fifth-grade Bullpup Band, is our beginning level group. The focus of this ensemble is to teach all the beginning fundamental playing techniques, music reading, musical symbols and rhythm concepts to these students. This is a very exciting group as they are all really thrilled to begin learning how to play an instrument and how to be part of a team. Students are required to carry a notebook and their Standard of Excellence to class at all times. Class requirements also include practice records, class quizzes and, individual as well as ensemble, playing tests.

The fifth-grade Bullpup Band meets three days a week during first period. This group plays in four concerts every year including the Christmas concert, Sweetheart Concert, Grandparents Day Concert and the Spring Concert. 

2023 Bullpup Band

Gray Atkinson
Emma Bettner
Joey Bouler
Colin Brennan
Brooks Capell
Jake Carter
Ella Cate Chandler
Olivia Coker
Noah Conner
Caroline Delp
Major Elam
Ashley Fields


Olive Flores
Jabriel Giles
Winter Hayes
Gunner Knapp
Scarlett Langlois
Haney Lussi
Lillian Malcom
Camden Masterson-Hill
Callisto Mills
Christopher Mumford
Garrett Neal
Jonny Ordway
Dallin Peck
Simon Peck
Emma Potts
Max Puello-Casallas
Mireille Remy
Max Rivers
Adriana Santiago
Jack Taylor
Paxton VanderHeijden
Noah James Wells
Paisley Wilson
Makenzie Woolen

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