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Ask An Admissions Ambassador

The Born Family: Ben, Ashley, Natalie, Chandler and Olivia

We live in the Bold Springs area of Monroe and have been involved with GWA since I started school there in 1990! I graduated in 2001, and Natalie was our first child to attend GWA. Chandler and Olivia followed four years later. 

We decided to send our girls to GWA because we wanted them to have the best education available in a safe environment. While the needs of our children fluctuate, GWA has always been focused on doing what is best for our children. My niece and nephew also attend GWA, and the campus feels like a family. All three of my girls have even been taught by the same teacher (Ms Cecille, K4) and she may deserve a medal for having survived all of our daughters’ strong personalities!

Despite their young ages, our girls have been offered so many activities through GWA. Natalie has taken piano lessons through our state-of-the art music program and Tae Kwon Do lessons after school. Chandler has taken dance classes and participated in the winter performance of “The Grinch”. Olivia was a member of the very first K3 class at GWA, and has loved every second of her time on campus.

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The Weke Family: Philip, Mary, Evan, Imani

We live in Loganville and this is our sixth year at GWA. Evan is in fifth grade and participates in piano, track and guitar, and Imani is in first.

We chose GWA because this school challenges students to grow in character and academics. The school allows students to learn from the varying perspectives and backgrounds in our community and the world. Class and school size matters in education, as it is important that our children not fall through the cracks and just be a number. GWA's smaller classes allow students to receive plenty of individual attention. Successful education is based on the importance of the relationships between teachers’ students and parents and the concept of a three-way partnership is an important part of GWA.

We have also been impressed that the school has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to serious infractions of rules and codes of conduct. We feel good sending our kids to school everyday knowing that they are in a safe environment. They are learning, are well taken care of and being nurtured.

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The Hill Family: Jason, Andrea, Graham and Ashley

We live in Monroe and have been part of the GWA family for six years. 

Ashley, ninth grade:  Basketball, Softball, Honors Classes, School Piano Lessons, and in the past has been involved in Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, MS Band, Student Council, Chess Club, and Youth Basketball

Graham, 11th Grade: HS Golf, Student Council, Student Ambassador, Gavel Club, Honors Classes and in the past has been involved in Cross Country, Basketball, MS Band, Youth Basketball, and Youth Football.

Parents: Volunteer with Sports, School Admissions Volunteer, Go Beyond Campaign and whatever else we can help with at GWA!

We chose GWA because of the wide range of offerings in sports and extracurricular activities, paired with strong academic rigor.  For our family, we value that education starts first and foremost in the classroom, but the entire experience is balanced with the ability to compete in sports as well as be involved in an array of additional activities that expand knowledge and experience during the formative years.  We want our children to be well-balanced, aware of themselves and others, and develop as leaders who are ready and equipped to enter college and the world as young adults.  After seeing all that GWA had to offer, we knew GWA would partner with us in that journey.  

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The Manry Family: Taylor, Nicole and Miles

We looked at several private schools and GWA was a great happy medium for us. Not too big, not too small, good core values and very welcoming. If you are looking for a new school for your children, we would be happy to tell you why we chose GWA and how it's become a second home for our first grader Miles and our entire family!

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