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Writing Center Consultants

Katie Austin 


Hello! My name is Katie Austin, and I am a senior at GWA. I started school here in the
9th grade, and I couldn’t be happier with that decision! Last school year for the Laws of Life
Essay contest, I happened to win the contest for not only my grade but for the whole school! I
really enjoy writing when I can just focus on my topic, get brainstorming, and most importantly,
just have fun with it! I would absolutely love to help others with assignments that they are
struggling with in classes that require some writing to be done!


Michael Dagenhardt


Hello! My name is Michael Dagenhart, and I am currently a twelfth-grade student here at George
Walton Academy. I play football, baseball, and wrestling here at GWA. In
the Writing Center, I want to help students work through their frustration and lack of confidence
because I used to be in the same situation. Also, I would like to help improve other people's
writing through sharing unique ideas and connecting those ideas throughout their papers.
Through tutoring, I will not only improve other students' writing skills, but also my own.


Liam Chirrey


 Bio coming soon.


Gracie Wood 


Hi, my name's Gracie! Other than being an experienced tutor, I am a clarinet player, a junior, and a great cornbread maker. In the fall, I tutored in the Writing Center and fell in love with guiding those within the writing process. Through this experience, I have made connections with people I would have never known otherwise and have improved my own writing. Personally, I love the argument and research aspect of writing. When I was an elementary school student, I always gravitated towards reading non-fiction books. In the fourth grade, I was totally fascinated by a book, "Tsunamis." My appreciation for facts continues, and I now have an interest in developing evidence to support a point. Through tutoring in the Writing Center, I am dedicated to improving myself and others, as well as spreading my unique interests in writing to others.


DoriLord McCullers


My name is DoriLord McCullers; I am a senior here at GWA. I am on the cheerleading teams and I have gone to this school since K-4. I would describe myself as outgoing and easily approachable.  I enjoy writing papers and helping others write as well. I would love to help whoever needed it and even those that would just like for someone to read their writing masterpiece.



Cadence Dalton


Hi! My name is Cadence and I am a senior. I have attended George Walton since I have been in K5. One thing I am strong at is building or developing creativity and ideas in writing. I would love to help as many students as possible, so they can become better writers!


Jason Lam


My name is Jason, and I am a senior available during the second block in the Writing Center. I enjoy helping students reinforce their points and assist them in breaking down difficult concepts that they are unfamiliar with. I can relate to students struggling with their writing, so I will do my best to ensure that they are satisfied with what they had accomplished in the Writing Center.   


Molly Whitlow


My name is Molly Whitlow; I’m a senior at George Walton. I have been at George Walton since sixth grade. I like to thrift, draw, and just be in the company of others. When it comes to my writing I feel like my strongest point is being able to go into depth and expand the ideas presented. I would love to meet with as many students as possible to help not only their writing but my writing as well.









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