GOAL Program


       GWA would like to send a great big “THANK YOU!” to all our past contributors to the GWA GOAL Scholarship Program.

You are part of one of the most successful tax credit scholarship programs in America.

Georgia taxpayers made history in 2015 – consuming all education tax credits in just ONE day!  The same happened in 2016 and 2017.
Your dedicated participation is an invaluable component of this program’s success, enabling deserving students to attend George Walton Academy.

Your contributions to GOAL have had a profound and positive impact on our school and community. 

For those who have not yet participated in this program, we encourage you to…

Seize the Opportunity!

Contribute to GOAL and receive a dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit.
Your contribution makes a significant impact without costing you a dime – literally!

This program is an invaluable benefit for our school and community.

With your contribution to GOAL, we are able to:

Stabilize enrollment

Increase tuition income

Increase the funds available to improve educational offerings and to retain programs for the benefit of ALL of our students

Enable the school to further its mission by reaching more families desiring a college preparatory education

Thank you for your generous participation and for your support of GWA!


GOAL will begin accepting 2018 tax credit applications in June!


Contact Jenni Cole at jcole@gwa.com to learn how to participate in the 2018 GOAL Tax Credit or visit www.goalscholarship.org.


If you have any questions, please contact Jenni Cole at jcole@gwa.com or 770.207.5172 ext. 229. 



 Frequently Asked Questions


 GWA Partners with Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

The State of Georgia has created an opportunity for individuals and “C” corporations to redirect a portion of their Georgia state income tax to provide scholarships for eligible students to attend Georgia private schools.
That’s right!  A 2008 law allows individuals and corporations to receive a dollar-for-dollar Georgia income tax credit for redirecting a portion of their state income tax payments (up to $2500 in the case of a married couple filing jointly; up to $1000 for an individual; owners of "S" corporations, LLCs or partnerships can redirect up to $10,000; and “C” corporations up to 75% of their Georgia income tax liability) to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program.
GOAL uses these funds to provide private school scholarships to qualified students wishing to transfer from a Georgia public school.  Taxpayers can designate the school at which these scholarships will be awarded.  GWA has partnered with GOAL, so this means that the redirection of your taxes can be used to help assist with tuition for children who want to attend George Walton Academy.
What does this mean for you, our school and the children?
You are already paying income taxes to the state.  Why not redirect some of those taxes to help provide Georgia children with Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning?  That’s what GOAL stands for, and it means that eligible children will have an opportunity to attend our school and to receive a quality, college-preparatory, private education.
When you redirect your Georgia income taxes to GOAL and designate George Walton Academy as the recipient school, GWA is then able to:
1. Use that money to provide tuition assistance for new, qualifying students,
2. Stabilize school enrollment, and
3. Increase the funds available to improve educational offerings for all our students.
When you choose to redirect your tax dollars in this way, it is a definite “WIN-WIN” situation for all those involved.  Giving to GOAL not only satisfies your tax obligation to the state of Georgia, it also keeps those tax dollars here in our community earmarked for education at George Walton Academy.
So, you have a choice:  to pay income taxes to the state of Georgia or to redirect some of those tax dollars to provide scholarship funds for eligible students to attend our school.  For more information on how to redirect your tax dollars to provide scholarships at GWA, please contact Jenni Cole at 770.207.5172 ext. 229.  

Visit these links for more information about the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

GWA GOAL Scholarship Policies and Procedures