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Student Council

The role of the George Walton Academy Student Council is to promote the interests of the school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in cooperation with the board, parents, and teachers.  Student council seeks to build responsible leaders within our school community and to promote interest in school wide activities.  In order to run for a position on student council, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • You must have received and returned a school contract.
  • You must obtain a B average. Grades will be checked through the counseling office.
  • You must be in good standing with all faculty members and staff. Discipline records will be checked.
  • All financial obligations to George Walton Academy must be current.
  • If elected to student council, you will be required to attend the following mandatory functions, events, etc.:
    • All meetings: Meetings will be held on a regular basis.  Meetings are normally held the 1st Tuesday of every month for Executive Council and the 1st Wednesday of every month for all council membersMeetings are at 7:45 A.M. in Wrynn Carson’s classroom.  Meeting reminders are sent using Remind 101. Meetings are also announced during morning and afternoon announcements.  After two missed meetings, you will be placed on probation.  After a third missed meeting, you will be asked to resign your position on student council.  Three times late to a meeting constitutes an absence.
    • Mandatory events:  All student council members MUST be present for the following events:
    • Leadership training session
    • Homecoming- Each member is required to decorate as well as take down decorations.  There will be hours/days set aside for each
    • Dawgs Unleashed 5k run and festival. We will assist with the 5K run as well as have activities for kids to enjoy.  Canned Food Drive- Set-up and promote this worthy cause.  Collect cans from each homeroom and place in the buckets in the front of the school.   
    • Juniors are required to meet and plan for the Jr. /Sr.  Prom.
    • Student council sponsors class competitions.  You are expected to assist with some of these as well.

Step 1:

Complete the online application below

Step 2:

Once you complete the online application, you will be directed to a form to print and sign (your parents will need to sign it too.) You will need to turn the signed form and $30 application fee in by April 25th. 

Click here to request additional information. 

Student Council Application
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Executive Council:

President:  Stevi Lee Manning

Vice President:  Ben Carter

Secretary:  Megan McGoldrick

Treasurer:  Wallis Lucas

Representatives:  Jesse Reid, Molly Downey, Ivy Turner

Senior Council:

President:  Kaitlyn Rutledge

Vice President:  Sydney Jerman

Secretary:  Callie Houck

Treasurer:  Jesse Brunson

Representatives:  Aubrey Mathewson, Bailey Peeples, Jackie Wilson

Junior Council:

President:   Collin Shiver

Vice President: Lydia Akin

Secretary:  Matthew McMain

Treasurer:  Grace Anne Hanson

Representatives: Tatiana Bolds, Caroline Hart, Eliza Malcom

Sophomore Council:

President:  Patrick Morris

Vice President:  Jamie Jacoby

Secretary:  Spring Rawl

Treasurer:  Koby Dunn

Representatives:  Lauren Holley, Ben Howard, Walker May

Freshman Council:

President Dori Lord McCullers

Vice President:  Jennifer Allhverdieva

Secretary:  Sam Eckles

Treasurer:  Natalia Chapar

Representatives: Julie Cato, Abby Stone, Julia Waldo

Public Relations:

Audrey Bradley

Sarah Catoe

Mitchell Greene

Kate Hutter

Jack LaMalva