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Model U.N.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations. It is part debate, part research, part theater.

Students in MUN prepare for conferences which are meant to mimic actual meetings of the United Nations. Prior to each conference, students are assigned a country to represent and assigned to a committee that addresses particular international concerns. Students could be assigned to the UN Security Council, UN High Commission on Refugees, etc. The topics are ones the UN is currently working on such as human trafficking, cyber-security, rising sea levels, etc. Students start by researching their assigned country and committee topics.

Once at a conference, these delegates seek out other delegates representing countries with similar positions on a topic and together compose a draft resolution, which is a proposed solution to the issue. All members of the committee then debate the merits of the resolution and whether any amendments would improve its chances of passage. Finally the committee votes on whether to pass the resolution.

Ten students from GWA will attend their first Model UN Conference hosted by the University of Georgia in February of 2018.

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