Tuition and Fees


2017-2018 Tuition & Optional Services Fee Schedule


Application Fee:  $100 per student                                                                                                                                   
Enrollment Fee:  $1000 per family (upon acceptance)

Tuition:   (includes textbooks and technology for all grades)
Grade Yearly Bi-Annual Monthly
K4 $4,640 $4,730 $4,840
K5 - 3rd $9,990 $10,190 $10,440
4th $10,120 $10,320 $10,580
5th - 6th $10,440 $10,650 $10,910
7th - 8th $10,730 $10,950 $11,210
9th - 10th $10,950 $11,170 $11,440
11th $11,110 $11,330 $11,610
12th $11,430 $11,660 $11,940


Discounts for multiple children in one family are as follows: 

2nd child: $300         
Each additional child after the 2nd: $500  
The oldest child will be considered the first child.  There is no discount for a K4 student.

Payment Options:
Yearly:  Entire balance is due March 1st.
Bi-Annual:  Equal payments of 50% due March 1st and August 1st.
Monthly:  12 equal payments beginning March 1st with last payment due February 1st.

A family that chooses the Yearly or Bi-Annual payment plan must make payments by the required due dates or the plan will be converted immediately to the Monthly plan, and the parent/guardian will be assessed a billing change fee of $45.00.

Any tuition check postmarked or received after the 10th of the month for which payment is due will incur a $50 late payment fee.

Optional Services

Bus Service
Bus Service charges are monthly. Please check with our Student Services Director for the most recent bus routes.

Per Child               $140              
K4-one way           $90
Occasional rider   $12 per ride

Bus service fees are payable September through May.  Bus costs may be adjusted throughout the year due to increased gas prices.

Daily Hot Lunches
Hot, nutritious meals are served each day in the George Walton cafeteria. The cafeteria is managed by SAGE Dining Services. SAGE cooks meals from scratch, using fresh, wholesome ingredients. SAGE does not serve peanuts, tree nuts or nut oils to school- age children. Nut oils are not used in the cooking process.

 K4 - 4th      $3.50   
 5th - 7th     $4.25 
 8th - 12th   $4.50

After Care Rates
Students enrolled in GWA’s K4 program through students in the 6th grade are eligible for the aftercare program.

Grades      Hours                 Cost per week 
K4- 6         3:00 - 4:00           $25.00
K4- 6         3:00 - 5:00           $50.00
K4- 6         3:00 - 6:00           $75.00

K4: Noon until afternoon dismissal -  $10 daily, $40 weekly
K4 - 6th grade: 3:00 until 6:00 -  $5.00/hr.

Registration fee is $25 per family.  A late fee of $5 for every 5 minutes will be assessed for all students picked up after 6:00 p.m.