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Writing Center Consultants

Alicia Shaw (6th Period)


As a current senior, I have been at GWA since the first grade. Throughout my years here, I’ve grown as a writer. However, I am no stranger to frustration. As such, I would love to be able to help other students work through any frustrations they have with their own writing. I can also help work through any ideas for creative writing while helping with your more technical essays. I’m an excellent listener who will help you even when you just need someone to talk to about your writing. Furthermore, I can help you formalize a plan for your writing. Checklists and plans can be very helpful during the writing process, and I can help use these tools.


Isaiah Strong (4th Period)


Hi! I am Isaiah Strong, a twelfth grader here at George Walton Academy. Writing used to be challenging for me, too. However, through trial and error as well as my time learning from others, my writing greatly improved. Now, I want to help other students learn how to improve their writing as well. I make a good tutor because of my experience tutoring for a year prior. I learned a lot about how to collaborate on writing through instruction and practice. My strengths as a tutor include: organization of my ideas and maintaining proper structure throughout a paper. I will also help you to fully understand your assignments and answer any questions you might have. Lastly, I am interested in learning from your writing. Through tutoring, I will not only improve your writing, but consequently my own.


Adam Johnston (2nd Period)


My name is Adam Johnston, and I am a high school senior. I am a very focused writer who puts a lot of effort into honing ideas and understanding the exact points of my writing. Creativity in art and writing will always be a personal highlight of mine. I am a good listener who will focus on your proposed ideas and connect those ideas while also comparing them with the original assignment rules.


Gracie Wood (4th Period)


Hi, my name's Gracie! I am a clarinet player, a junior, and a great cornbread maker. Even though I am far from being a contentious person, I love the argument and factual aspects of writing. When I was an elementary school student, I always gravitated towards reading nonfiction books. In the fourth grade, I was totally fascinated by a book, "Tsunamis" as a kid. My appreciation for facts continues, and I now have an interest in developing evidence to support a point. Through tutoring at the Writing Center, I am dedicated to improving myself and others, as well as spreading my unique interests in writing to others.


Jake Whitten (7th Period)


My name is Jake Whitten; I am a twelfth-grade GWA student. I play football and baseball, and I am very outgoing! I love writing, and my main strength is brainstorming. I would love to meet with as many students as I can to help them become better writers.






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