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Upper School Biology/Physics Teacher

George Walton Academy seeks an upper school biology/physics teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. Qualified candidates should:

  • Have mastery of the subject matter and a clear understanding of child development and differentiated instruction for different learning styles.

  • Structure lessons to ensure an authentic and meaningful learning experience for all students.

  • Assess students using highly effective diagnostic, summative, and formative assessments.

  • Organize classroom space, materials, and technology to support unit and lesson goals and create an environment that is conducive to active and participatory learning.

  • Teach and reinforce classroom routines that serve to maximize the learning environment.

  • Communicate clear learning expectations to students using essential questions and lesson goals.

  • Orchestrate effective strategies, materials, and classroom groupings to foster optimal student learning.

  • Collect and analyze instructional data and makes adjustments to improve student learning.

  • Exemplify a positive attitude with a spirit of collaboration.

  • Be an engaged community member always seeking to promote the mission, vision and values of the Academy.

  • Demonstrate professional demeanor and perform all faculty-related duties with enthusiasm and diligence.

  • Be an effective written and oral communicator.

  • Bachelor’s Degree required, (masters preferred)

Submit cover letter and resume to Head of School Dr. Dan Dolan at