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Paws for a Cause

January 18, 2018
By GWA Communications

In conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the senior class loaded buses on Fri., Jan. 12, and headed out into the community. Students were able to serve in a variety of locations and in different capacities. One stop was Great Oaks where students played games, served meals and shared conversations with the residents. Audrey Bradley said that her time spent visiting with one of the patients was “enjoyable and fun”. She said the woman was “singing songs to me the whole time, and I asked her about her family.”

Other students assisted the three Faith In Serving Humanity (F.I.S.H.) locations which helps those in need in Walton County. At the F.I.S.H locations, students sorted clothing, stocked shelves and distributed food to the needy. “I helped organize a huge room with a lot of canned food for people in need,” said Grant McDonel. “I enjoyed it; I had a lot of fun. My favorite part was being able to help people and being with my friends.”

At the end of the day, Karen Hammond, the Volunteer Coordinator for F.I.S.H. stated, “ We never have enough hands to help with organizing and distributing food at our pantry; however, today was an exception to that.” Other students gave their time to the Walton County Senior Citizens Center. Students visited with residents, prepared meals for the “Meals on Wheels” program and delivered meals to shut-ins. While others were making their rounds in the community, one group of volunteers stayed on campus to assist the American Red Cross Blood Drive; some students even donated blood. The Paws for a Cause service day was well received in our community and among our senior class. Tori Zanders spoke of his day, saying, “It was something different; it was something new. I loved doing it because I liked to see the smile on their faces. It brightened up their day, and that brightened up mine.” At the end of the day, GWA seniors exemplified this famous quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.”

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